our happy place.  Traditions, warmth and welcome.

Home is a feeling. It radiates fond memories of countless holidays, birthdays, milestone celebrations and after school projects.  It’s also simply seeing the beauty in the everyday.  It’s where your stories are written, the place where you belong.

Each season brings with it celebrations, holidays, weather – all playing a vital role as to how we live and play.  So many can relate to the feeling of cold weather coming upon us in Autumn.  Long cooked winter meals, football and a crackling hearth.  Shortened days, the rustle of leaves, the scent of candles burning inside a jack-o-lantern.  The sounds, smells and tastes that all come together to create a feeling.  This is your home, your good life.

I would like to share with you my ways to make each day a celebration, make the ordinary extraordinary, and how to be organized and efficient and enjoy living for the moment.

I extend my invitation to you to come inside and experience home…Welcome!

Month to Month Inspiration

July 2019

July is here and summer is into full swing.  Schools are out, the kids are all home.  It’s time to get around to enjoying long days and filling them with fun. When my children were younger they all swam for the local club swim team.  They played tennis and golf and their little tanned tired bodies seemed to be full of boundless energy.  Needless to say, I spent alot of time in the car!  Now that they drive themselves to all the things that fill their days, I have more time to devote to gardening, developing recipes, and even, dare I say, sit and enjoy some down time! I have mentioned before, that I always try to eek out a small amount of “me time”, usually at the end of the day, just to relax and take in the beauty of the season.  Be it strolling through the gardens or sitting out on the patio with a glass of rose. I offer this tip to you to do the same.  Remember summer is fleeting, be sure to soak it all in!  Also, I am building my subscriber list so please sign up, and check out The Hive Shop for new items added frequently.  You never know what you’ll find.  Enjoy July everyone!

Big Collaboration News!

Big News everyone!  I’ve been working on this for a while, but I just became an influencer with ShopStyle Collective.  This means I’ll be giving links to more great brands and showing where and how to get what I’m wearing and alternatives as well.  Truthfully, I’m not fully versed in the program yet, but am going to get educated soon.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

New decorating project

Here I go again! I fall absolutely in love with a fabric and then have to use it somewhere, even if that means re-upholstering something or painting walls! These two fabrics are amazing and I love them both. Trying to decide which to use where and what color for the walls. I’m leaning towards a very light coral. I’ll keep you posted as to my decision and progress. Paints are from @benjaminmoore. The “dog” fabric is from P.Kaufmann Fabric and the turquoise is from Dena Home.

Decisions, decisions…

I’m thinking of re-upholstering a bench in my hallway with one of these fabrics and painting the walls a complimentary color. I’m in love with both of them and can’t decide which to use. Nor can I decide which paint color – leaning towards the very light corals. Any input? I’ll keep you updated on my progress. The aqua fabric is from @DenaHome and the dark coral is from @P.Kaufmannfabrics. Paints are from @benjaminmoore. My tole cache pot is from @Southernhospitalityco.

New to the blog!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered with this fun brand, Avesii.  They have great on-trend handbags and clothing as well.  I will be uploading a direct link in the near future.  In the meantime, look them up and use my promo code Bernadette25 to get 25% off your purchase!

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A quick how-to for using my Instagram link

Hi Everyone! I guess I assume that everyone knows how to do the “link in bio” that is used so often on Instagram. Here is a quick easy visual. Just click the bio address that is circled on my bio, this will automatically send you to the picture on the left. To shop The Hive Shop, just click on that and you will automatically be redirected. The same goes for any of the great brands listed that I am an affiliate for.

When you are on my site – as you are now, all the brands and my link to The Hive Shop are listed to the right. Click on any of them for easy shopping! Any other questions – just contact me on my contact page! I’m always happy to help.

Aaahh Summer…

Happy new week ahead friends! Hard to believe the fourth is behind us, but now it’s time to get to the business of SUMMER! That is, enjoying those hazy, lazy, crazy days to the fullest! I just want to share with you what is going on with my affiliate links. All these great companies are having amazing sales right now.

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TOMS has a new product line – Star Wars! Have you seen their other cute patterns? The ultimate comfort shoe and with their give back philosophy you can’t go wrong.

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Have a great week ahead everyone!

Festive Red, White and Blue Patio

What a great spot to relax and so very festive! What makes this scene so fun are the paper lanterns. Find these on The Hive Shop! Link on sidebar.

Fourth of July!

Check out this amazing sweet and savory food spread! Great inspiration for the Fourth of July!

Summer Sales!

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