our happy place.  Traditions, warmth and welcome.

Home is a feeling. It radiates fond memories of countless holidays, birthdays, milestone celebrations and after school projects.  It’s also simply seeing the beauty in the everyday.  It’s where your stories are written, the place where you belong.

Each season brings with it celebrations, holidays, weather – all playing a vital role as to how we live and play.  So many can relate to the feeling of cold weather coming upon us in Autumn.  Long cooked winter meals, football and a crackling hearth.  Shortened days, the rustle of leaves, the scent of candles burning inside a jack-o-lantern.  The sounds, smells and tastes that all come together to create a feeling.  This is your home, your good life.

I would like to share with you my ways to make each day a celebration, make the ordinary extraordinary, and how to be organized and efficient and enjoy living for the moment.

I extend my invitation to you to come inside and experience home…Welcome!

Month to Month Inspiration

September 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to September! Ready or not, it’s here. I’ve said so often that September always feels like the beginning of the year. It’s the time for fresh starts, new schools, new experiences for many and a time to get back to a more scheduled life. Personally, I’ve been busy working on making my blog more user-friendly, easier shopping links and keeping you filled in on my latest projects, recipes and trends. I’ve already mentioned that I’ve become a part of the LiketoKnow.it family. What does this mean? I can provide direct links within my posting content for you to explore and shop. Also, all ads on my site, are placed there by me. These are companies I believe in and have partnered with. Just one click brings you directly to their site for easy browsing as well. As always, please subscribe. I am still creating an email list to send updates, offers, promotions from time to time. I promise not to inundate your inbox!! I personally can’t deal with that, so why would I do it to others?! I hope you are as excited as I am with the blog news. As always feel free to contact me! I love hearing from my readers. Now go outside and enjoy the beauty of September!!

Some Fun Fall Decor

I use this urn throughout the year with different elements to suit the season. My little pumpkin person is one of my favorites to perch amongst the foliage and such. I love to create a large statement arrangement like this, the key however is to find the most realistic silk and faux items as possible. Happy Fall!

New Recipe!

Look for this super easy recipe for Refrigerator Bread & Butter Pickles now on the blog!

New recipe on the blog, Concord Grape Cobbler

It’s concord grape season around here and I’m always looking for other ways to use them outside of jelly or pie. Look for this one under desserts and treats. Super easy and melt in your mouth delish!

The Hive Shop

Have you shopped The Hive Shop lately? Lots of great items I’ve personally curated for you. Plus great sales going on now as well.
Hit my link to the right, happy shopping!


This is such a great campaign from ASOS! 10% off until you graduate! Plus right now the limited time 20% off is a great deal for the budget conscious college bounds!! I advise my girls to take advantage of this all day long. Shop my link on the right to go right to their site!

Another Blog Update!

This is a picture of my ‘linktree’ on my instagram bio. Simply click the LiketoKnow.it bar and you’ll be directed to my page!

Another fun announcement!  I have joined the LiketoKnow.it community!  This was a big achievement for me which I have been working on for quite awhile.  What does this mean for you?  Another super easy way to shop my product recommendations. I do all the work for you. If you see this small icon (see picture below) in the corner of an instagram post this means that it is a shop-able picture in which I have picked out either the exact products or related ones. Just download the LiketoKnow.it app and hit my link, it’s that simple.  I’ll also be working on producing links for both LiketoKnow.it and ShopStyle on the blog as well.  A little bit more learning for me, but as usual, I’ll keep you updated!  

LiketoKnow.it Icon

Big Collaboration News!

Big News everyone!  I’ve been working on this for a while, but I just became an influencer with ShopStyle Collective.  This means I’ll be giving links to more great brands and showing where and how to get what I’m wearing and alternatives as well.  Since this is a collaborative affiliate, I do earn a small commission from all sales generated from my links.  Stay tuned!

A quick how-to for using my Instagram link

Hi Everyone! I guess I assume that everyone knows how to do the “link in bio” that is used so often on Instagram. Here is a quick easy visual. Just click the bio address that is circled on my bio, this will automatically send you to the picture on the left. To shop The Hive Shop, just click on that and you will automatically be redirected. The same goes for any of the great brands listed that I am an affiliate for.

When you are on my site – as you are now, all the brands and my link to The Hive Shop are listed to the right. Click on any of them for easy shopping! Any other questions – just contact me on my contact page! I’m always happy to help. Also, I must mention this disclaimer, that all products that I promote or provide links to will generate a small commission for me.

Lily on The Hive!

If you’re a Lily Pulitzer lover, you can now shop The Hive Shop’s exclusive Lily products. Who can resist these colorful, happy colors?!