Thanksgiving Printables!

How cute are these little tags? These are actually printable images that can be used as tags (as shown here) or place cards or even attached to some holiday gifts. Print on a good quality card stock paper and simply cut out and use as you wish. I used a rustic brown paper for these, I also recommend you set your printer for a high quality print.

The best part is – they’re free! Just contact me and I will send you the file to print from. It’s yours from there on out to use as you wish. It’s that simple.

Time to Cozy Up the House

How do you cozy up your home? For me, wraps and throws at the ready are always a fall and winter staple. Draped over the back of a couch or the arm of a chair, or piled in a basket, a throw or blanket that is ready to snuggle up with will be a welcome accessory.

I’ve chosen some beautiful throws/blankets from one of my favorite companies, @Pendletonwm. This company is known for its’ iconic blankets and the quality is hard to surpass. All these are on The Hive Shop. Did I mention that these make fantastic gifts!?

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Lip (and Beauty) Service!

In my efforts to simplify and de-clutter my life, I had been on the search for the perfect lipstick. I have so many that waste away in my make-up drawer and even though I love them, I have to admit they go mostly unused, primarily because they feather, have to be constantly reapplied or leave a sticky residue at the end of the day – ugh! A friend mentioned the @maybelline super stay, I tried it and I am officially hooked! I promptly cleaned out my lipstick cache and have switched. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Anyway, this prompted me to start a new category for The Hive Shop called “Be Beautiful”. I have picked products I personally use and also some fun ones to try. The Maybelline product above is featured there as well.

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Thanksgiving and The Hive Shop!

Friends, Thanksgiving is such a terrific day for so many reasons.  I keep stressing the importance of relaxing and truly enjoying the day.  One of my favorite things is the preparations and setting a beautiful table.  One of my favorite china patterns for this day is @johnsonbrothers, His Majesty.  That beautiful turkey and the fall colors has always felt so home-spun for me.  I’ve curated a few items just to show you here, but visit my shop to see a larger selection for your holiday table celebration! Just click my tab to the right.

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Chicken Chili

recipe from @noqualmsmom

I just tried this recipe last week and my vote is – it’s a keeper!  Everything is done in a slow cooker.  This recipe uses boneless, skinless chicken thighs that cook until they shred much like pulled pork.  So easy and super healthy.  Look for the full recipe in From The Kitchen!

November 2019

“Well the frost is on the pumpkin and the hay is in the barn….”, I just love those lyrics from James Taylor’s “Walking Man”.  They just seem to sum up this time of year.  That yearly clean up and prep for the cold wintry weather ahead, kicked off with a bountiful harvest feast better known as Thanksgiving.  I’ve probably mentioned more than once that this is my favorite holiday. No gifts, no pressure, just a wonderful long day filled with good company, great food and that cozy indoor ‘cooked all day’ feeling.  I’ve been hosting Thanksgiving since my first year of marriage, so I’ve become a pro at working out the details and making it truly stress-free.  If you are the host this year and you need a little help look for these posts under Entertain – 

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Make Thanksgiving Stress Free

Traditional Thanksgiving Menu

I give all my tips to keep you organized and look like a ‘cool as a cucumber’ hostess!  Also this month, I am going to be offering some place card printables so keep an eye out for that and if you love my turkeys in the picture above, I’ve picked out some equally beautiful turkeys and pheasants on The Hive Shop to add to your Thanksgiving tablescape. Just click on the link to the right.  As always, any questions, need help, etc., feel free to contact me anytime!  Have a glorious November friends.

Succulent Roast Duck

One of my favorite things about fall is a return to roasting!  Recently I tried my hand at roasting duck.  I read through a few recipes, tweeked them here and there and the results were amazing.  This recipe is posted in the “From the Kitchen” section.  I encourage you to try it!

Making a beautiful fall arrangement!

This arrangement is so easy and makes such an impact! A little break-away from the traditional wreath.

I ran into this basket at @target the other day. It has a flat back with a leather strap on the flat side just perfect for hanging on a door or wall. I instantly had a vision, so yes, into the cart it went. A quick stop at @joannfabricsandcrafts for some everlastings and ribbon and the rest, as they say is history. I put this entire arrangement together in less than an hour. Look for complete details and pictures under “Create”. I hope I will leave you inspired!

Beautiful Cachet Pot Candles

One of the Dragon Motif Candles

Hello friends! I’m pleased to be offering these gorgeous Hedge Farm Brand candles for purchase. These candles have two pounds of premium wax for long burning times. The scent is cool citrus basil. The container measures approx. 5.5″ tall and wide at the top, the base is approx. 3.5 wide and is reusable as well! They come wrapped in a cellophane bag tied with a large satin bow as shown, ready for gifting!

$35.00 + shipping

These are the designs available and are in very limited quantities at this time. Click “Contact Me” to order or if you have any questions.

The Hive Shop!

I’ve picked some fun new items for The Hive Shop, and a new category Autumn and Holiday. Find all these cute items there! Direct link to The Hive Shop on sidebar