Yay, New to the Blog!

I’m excited to announce that I am partnering with a few of my favorite stores. I will be providing links and all the information needed-as soon as I figure it all out!  Regardless, you will be able to shop directly from my site for products or just navigating to their shop to browse on your own.  Here is a sneak peek at one of my affiliates – Ann Taylor!


Look under “Style” for my post on these gorgeous fragrances from the famous house of 4711.  Citrus-y blends just perfect for summer.
on The Hive Shop.


Is anything more “summery” than lettuceware? I was excited to see that @ToryBurch has re-issued this dishware.  Look under Décor to see my own collection.  I also feature some pieces in The Hive Shop!

Grove Collaborative

I recently tried out this company, Grove Collaborative.  I am a big believer in trying out new things, so when I saw they were offering a promotion I thought it would be worth looking into and I can’t say enough how pleased I am.  This is an eco-friendly based company so they offer environmentally safe and sustainable products, such as reusable spray bottles, containers and concentrated solutions all for the home.  Below is a picture of what they sent as an intro to their company and products.  I definitely recommend.

Fun Finds!

I think I feel a new vibe coming on! Found all these super cute items in the $1. section of @target. My favorite is the mini yard flamingo. I’ve used regular sized yard flamingos in floral arrangements before (see post), but I can definitely see this one in a cute summer arrangement on the porch! And how about the fun coasters?! I’m ready for a party, how about you? Mai Tai anyone?

I love both of these bags!  However, if your budget won’t allow the designer on the left, the equally cute version on the right fits the bill!  Look for more adorable bucket bags in my Style section!

More Lemon Love

More Lemon Love!

I know, enough with the lemons already.  I can’t help it, they are everywhere and I’ve always loved them!  Look for the Lemon Souffle Cheesecake recipe – a new post.  Delicious and only 5 ingredients!  The adorable handbag comes with a liner – cute!  Available on The Hive Shop.  I had to post the True Lemon.  I happned upon this product and absolutely love it.  It is purely dehydrated lemon – that’s it!  Add to water and you’ve got a lemon infused drink.  There are so many other uses, but I just love adding it to my water, also on the shop.  My children gave me the @bathandbodyworks limoncello hand cream.  It smells so fresh I can’t stop applying it.  So there you have it, more lemon love!

May 2019

Welcome to May! As I write this, a bird is singing persistently outside. I know it is trying to attract it’s mate and start the endless life cycle. Nature at its’ finest.  I love all the seasons, but something about those early mornings (if you’re a morning person, I suppose), the exuberant bird song and smell of the earth re-awakening makes me stop and take a deep breath and marvel at the yearly re-birth.  It also makes me want to slow down time a bit. Take it all in. Spring, like Autumn, can be so fleeting.  Blossom, so eagerly awaited, gone so quickly, yet always so appreciated.  Life goes swiftly, I find myself saying this more and more often.  Seems so cliché, but facts cannot be denied. My injury has forced me to slow down, and in some strange way, I am learning to embrace it. I am typically an over motivated personality – type A, but learning to accept what was dealt my way  is another life re-set (again!! I’ve had several).  And on we go, like the little bird singing outside my window, persistence and acceptance prevail.  So, like myself, try to slow down here and there.  Enjoy the simple beauty of a quiet moment, the rustle of the just emerged leaves in a gentle breeze and the simple song of a little bird.