Dried Lemon Slices 

These crispy lemon slices are perfect as garnish on salads or presented on a crudité platter. I had never seen them before, but the chef at a local restaurant where they are served told me how to make them. After a little experimenting, I got the results! So here goes….

Very thinly slice up a lemon, discard any large seeds. Place the slices on a silpat covered baking sheet. Place them in a pre-heated very low oven, 150 – 175F for at least 2 hours. Check that they do not get browned. You don’t have to turn them or anything. If more time is needed, just keep them in for longer. The key here is to dry them out. When they seem crisp enough, you can remove them after cooling completely. I have left them in the oven, once I turned it off and this worked fine as well. Be sure to store in a container with air flow. Use within a few days.