our happy place.  Traditions, warmth and welcome.

Home is a feeling. It radiates fond memories of countless holidays, birthdays, milestone celebrations and after school projects.  It’s also simply seeing the beauty in the everyday.  It’s where your stories are written, the place where you belong.

Each season brings with it celebrations, holidays, weather – all playing a vital role as to how we live and play.  So many can relate to the feeling of cold weather coming upon us in Autumn.  Long cooked winter meals, football and a crackling hearth.  Shortened days, the rustle of leaves, the scent of candles burning inside a jack-o-lantern.  The sounds, smells and tastes that all come together to create a feeling.  This is your home, your good life.

I would like to share with you my ways to make each day a celebration, make the ordinary extraordinary, and how to be organized and efficient and enjoy living for the moment.

I extend my invitation to you to come inside and experience home…Welcome!

Month to Month Inspiration

Winter 2024

How quickly the seasons pass.  This year I was so consumed by all things Holiday that I missed posting about it!  Despite all that, winter is officially hear and I’m pretty happy about that.  Winter is that time of year of guilt free indulging in rest and relaxation.  The cold winds blow hard outside and the snow piles up around the house, but inside we are surrounded by a warm hearth, comfort food and projects.  A time to savor being inside without the need to tend to anything outdoors such as gardens!  Use this time to recharge yourself.  Spring is inevitable, but there can be none without the time of solace.  “To every thing there is a season….”

It’s pickling season!

Try making these super easy pickled red onions. They are great on sandwiches and salads alike. My recipe is under the ‘Vegetables and Sides’ section in the From the Kitchen category.

Egg Bites Recipe Added

I experimented with making Egg Bites and developed this recipe, look for it under Main Entrees in the From the Kitchen category.