Fall Wall/Door Basket Arrangement

This entire arrangement took less than an hour to put together!  Yes, it’s true and anyone can do it.  I found this beautiful basket at @target.  It has a flat back with a small leather strap to hang it by on the backside, perfect for walls or doors.  I found the leaf branches and other everlasting bunches at @Joannfabrics, as well as the ribbon.  Here is what I started out with…

I already had some of the pumpkins ans squashes as well as the dried seed pods, but these can be found in any craft store. I start with the tallest branches. Be sure to splay out the branches so that they will have a more natural shape. Plus by opening them up, they take up more space and will naturally make sticking things in between them easier and more supported.

After the larger branches, etc, are in place, it is time to add the more prominent features. Since the pumpkins and gourds are typically made of a styrofoam type material, it is easy to stick a bamboo skewer or floral pick into the bottom of them. Make sure it is in deep enough and long enough to get deep into the basket. Place the pumpkins and apples, etc. in clustered groupings for better visual balance.

For the finishing touch, I added a bow fastened with floral wire. There you have it, a beautiful fall display for your entry or as a statement wall decor for the season!

Cute succulent planter

I picked up this cute little planter @homegoods. Thought it would make an adorable little planter for succulents.  I think it turned out cute. However, because it doesn’t have a drain I will have to be careful not to overwater!  Try using unusual dishes and containers for your succulent gardens, so easy and very low maintenance.

Pagoda Cross Stitch

I’ve had these little vintage napkins for a long time.  I always admired the very clever handiwork of the cross stitch. I decided to create the pattern which could be used on anything.  I suggest using traditional hardanger cloth which is specifically made for cross stitch in that the “squares” are easy to designate.  The pattern is below and easily copied for use, each square equals one cross stitch.  The colors are just suggestions and can be changed to any liking. 

Click this post title to see product links for embroidery cloth, etc.

A Faux Succulent Arrangement

I made this arrangement for a local business.  Faux succulents are so very easy to work with and the large selections of different shapes and colors available lend to creative arrangements.  Just bunching  these together in a low container looks so realistic.  All that is needed is some floral foam and wire cutters to clip the stems shorter as desired.

Mini Winter Scenes in Glass Domes

I came upon these little vintage deer earlier this year and decided to create little winter vignettes under glass domes as gifts.  I found these domes at a craft store, and using hot glue, mounted small trees, mushrooms, etc.  Then I added the fake snow.  The tops and bottoms are hot glued together.  With a small decoration on the top, I’d say they turned out adorable!

I added a few links below for small domes since they can be difficult to find.

Mad Hatter Themed Party

Another golf event – I volunteered to help out with…!!  We just needed some fun centerpieces, so this is what I came up with.  Just about everything was purchased at local thrift shops and dollar stores.  Total expenses for all you see here – $56.00!  Everything is glued together with a very strong hot melt glue.  Cut fake flowers and glue onto the plates and cups.  I used wire hangers which I cut and bent to support the ribbons and add height to the arrangements.  Contact me if you need help or advise on this one.

The raw materials


Creative uses for fabric remnants and leftover wallpaper

I’m sure that many of you have had a room wallpapered and inevitably were left with extra paper.  Then it is stored away for the “just in case” scenario, when you think it may be used if the wall is damaged, etc.  It rarely happens and there it sits on a shelf or in a drawer.  I say, put that paper to use.  Use it to cover the inside of an armoire or glass front cabinet.  I used it to paper this tray which came with a removable glass top much like a picture frame.  Or, cover old hardcover books to make a uniform display on a shelf.

When it comes to fabric – I have to control myself.  With so many beautiful patterns, I am instantly inspired when I visit fabric stores.  There is a fabric store near me that always has a terrific remnant bin.  I found the piece above in there and had it made into a pillow.  The back is a solid contrasting color.  I’ve also made remnants into table toppers or even runners.  It’s a great way to freshen up a space without completely committing to a certain pattern, and is a great way to change your look between seasons.


*A cute little hat modeled by my Beatrice.


When my children were just babies, I decided I wanted to learn how to knit – I know, crazy time to pick up a hobby!  Realistically though, I was spending a lot of time at home and because I am the type to always have a project or something, knitting it was going to be.  A small and very quaint knit shop had recently opened near me.  I went in and never looked back!  It is really so simple to learn and if you feel you need a little comradery, most knitting shops have a community table or seating section where they welcome people to come in and knit and share projects and tips.  I highly recommend needle arts of all kinds.  Needlepoint, cross stitch, etc.  A great way to feel creative and the results are nearly always very satisfying!

*If you are interested in the hat pattern above, please contact me.  It was very easy and fun to make.

“Chicken” tree

Our local art museum holds a fundraiser each Christmas season called the ‘Festival of Trees’.  I was asked if I was interested in creating a donation.  This is what I came up with.  I used a typical tabletop sized artificial tree.  Placed it in a galvanized container.  It is decorated with eggs, colorful plaid ribbon, some terrific chicken wire “ribbon” if you will.  The top holds a hen on her nest and the watchful rooster sitting at the bottom.  Complete fun!  I was hoping no one would purchase it so that I could, but it went immediately! Oh well, back to the craft store!

Silk Florals



It’s that time of year again when I feel the need for color.  I was inspired by this tole planter by Dana Gibson.  I filled it with bright hydrangea and cabbages as well as some white sprigs and tall curly willow branches for height.  I was feeling creative, so decided to make another using artichokes as well as the cabbage.  Using a faux moss covered container and the elements below, the bottom picture is the end result.