Glam up a lampshade

When I was decorating one of my daughters’ bedrooms, I just couldn’t find a lamp that fit in.  Inspiration hit one day in the craft store!  I purchased a lamp, this one came with an ordinary shade.  I dressed it up with the peonies and greens.  The flowers were cut off the stems close to the base and simply ‘hot glued’ onto the bottom edge of the shade.  You could also repeat this for the top edge as well, using smaller flowers.  Don’t forget the greens for added dimension.  Be sure to bunch the flowers close together to get their fullness, fill in any spaces with greens or perhaps smaller flowers of a similar color or perhaps completely different, depending on your color scheme and décor.

Pillow Idea

My cousin bought an adorable outfit for my daughter when she was little, when she outgrew it I couldn’t bear to part with the cute little top.  I saved it for the longest time and one day decided to make it into a pillow.  Now, I have to admit, I can’t tutor you on how to sew.  I’m just not that patient.  But I am giving you this bit of inspiration, because I know all you parents out there very often have sentimental or adorable clothing items that you hate to part with (because lets be real, you can’t save everything!).  So, turn it into a pillow for their bedroom.  I chose fabrics that matched my daughters room and did a double ruffle.  This works for boys as well.  Try making a simple square with a wide flat edge, or even a ‘neck roll’ style with large buttons on each end.  Repurpose and recycle!

Cork Wreath

In an earlier post I demonstrated my how to for the cork topped table.  Since I have a lot of corks (can’t imagine where they all came from), I wanted more clever uses for them.  I came across this cork wreath.  My fellow blogger lays it out very easily.  So cute, can be decorated for any season, and the durability!!  Follow the link on the photograph for the how to.

Fun with Finials

I found these little bunnies in a local shop.  I thought they would make perfect finials for my daughters antique bed, since it had a small metal post on each end that must have had something on it in the past.  I purchased small wooden balls at a craft shop and drilled holes in each end, one to fit on the post and the other to insert a small dowel.  I painted them and added the dots using the butt end of a pencil eraser (this keeps the dots all the same size). Once the dowel was glued and dried, I carefully drilled a hole in the bottom of the bunny the same size as the dowel.  The bunny fit perfectly onto the dowel and there you have it, a bit of whimsy to bring new life to an antique bed

Making Florals

Right about at this time of year….every year……I feel like my home needs a little ‘pick-me-up’, so I get inspired to bring some floral color into my décor.  These florals were made with silk flowers and containers purchased at a local craft store.  The key with silk florals is to choose those that are most life-like in color and texture.  These do tend to cost a little more but the end result is worth it.  Start with a container that appeals to you.  Fill the interior with a block of styrofoam cut to fit tightly.  Cover the foam with dried moss or spaghnum moss. Press the stems firmly and deeply into the styrofoam.  Cut the stems with wire cutters to different lengths.  Just because a flower comes on a 10″ stem does not mean that is how you have to use it!  Arrange however you feel inclined, keeping in mind again natural forms.  I like to add in vegetables such as the artichokes here, or perhaps turnips for interesting color.  Don’t forget to add the greens and leaves.  The arrangements above were created with the items shown on the table.

Ski Transport

My family is very into skiing, and all of my children actively compete in their discipline be it racing or freestyle.  After several episodes of opening the trunk and a watching a wall of skis and poles drop to the ground, we thought we’d better come up with a better solution.  Our car is large and tall – needed to haul all those people and their stuff around, so having a pod on top wasn’t going to work for us, plus you have to lean up against a dirty car to reach up into that pod to reach your equipment.  Not a good solution.  I came up with this idea for transporting all those skis up to the mountain.  I purchased an ordinary cargo transport that is attached to the bumper hitch.  My husband cut sections of large-sized plastic drainage pipe easily found at any hardware store.  He secured them tightly with nylon cord.  Now with each one of our racers occasionally hauling 2 to 3 pairs of skis around, they are easy to get at and easy to cart around.

Glamorous Candle Arrangement

Here is an idea that anyone can tackle.  Purchase a small urn, (any shape that suits your taste), preferable with a bit of height and an opening large enough to take the diameter of a pillar candle plus greenery.  Also, be sure the urn has enough heft so that it will not tip under the weight of a candle.  The example above is cast iron.  Place inside the urn a piece of styrophome or floral foam cut to fit, be sure it is just slightly below the rim of your container by 1/2″ or so.  Be sure that it is level.  Place your candle in the center.  Now decorate around the candle anything that appeals to your decor.   ie: bows, decorative picks (from your craft store), small glass ornaments.  Just keep with a color scheme including the candle.

Great “secret” gift idea!

I saw this idea and just had to share.  I think this is so clever, what a terrific way to hide money or anything for that matter!  This is a toilet paper roll inside a mason jar surrounded by candy to disguise what’s inside.  Try this in small jars to hide jewelry, or use fake snow as the outside filler.  Lots of ways to use this idea.

Making a Christmas Cloche

Anything handmade can be so satisfying – a sense of accomplishment and wonder at “wow, look what I made!” Here is a cute idea for either decor around the house or a great gift.  Making a cloche is so simple.  Purchase a cloche or glass dome cover at any craft store.  I have found many of these in various sizes at overstock stores as well.  They can be large or small.  The base can be a wooden one (once again from the craft store), painted or stained.  You can also use a plate, just slightly larger than the base of the glass dome.  Purchase any charming items you would find appealing to create a small scene.  Glue them down onto the base.  Glue the glass dome to the base using a clear drying glue or silicone glue.  This can also be a fun project with the kids.  Use your imagination.

Fun gift idea to do with the kids

My daughter came up with this cute idea for a gift.  Purchase small glass jars and layer the ingredients for hot chocolate.  We added the peppermint crush as well and tied it together with old fashioned twine.  Very festive and a great idea as a small gift or place a few in a colorful basket tied with matching ribbon and perhaps a mug for a thoughtful hostess gift.