Making a Christmas Cloche

Anything handmade can be so satisfying – a sense of accomplishment and wonder at “wow, look what I made!” Here is a cute idea for either decor around the house or a great gift.  Making a cloche is so simple.  Purchase a cloche or glass dome cover at any craft store.  I have found many of these in various sizes at overstock stores as well.  They can be large or small.  The base can be a wooden one (once again from the craft store), painted or stained.  You can also use a plate, just slightly larger than the base of the glass dome.  Purchase any charming items you would find appealing to create a small scene.  Glue them down onto the base.  Glue the glass dome to the base using a clear drying glue or silicone glue.  This can also be a fun project with the kids.  Use your imagination.