Glamorous Candle Arrangement

Here is an idea that anyone can tackle.  Purchase a small urn, (any shape that suits your taste), preferable with a bit of height and an opening large enough to take the diameter of a pillar candle plus greenery.  Also, be sure the urn has enough heft so that it will not tip under the weight of a candle.  The example above is cast iron.  Place inside the urn a piece of styrophome or floral foam cut to fit, be sure it is just slightly below the rim of your container by 1/2″ or so.  Be sure that it is level.  Place your candle in the center.  Now decorate around the candle anything that appeals to your decor.   ie: bows, decorative picks (from your craft store), small glass ornaments.  Just keep with a color scheme including the candle.