Ski Transport

My family is very into skiing, and all of my children actively compete in their discipline be it racing or freestyle.  After several episodes of opening the trunk and a watching a wall of skis and poles drop to the ground, we thought we’d better come up with a better solution.  Our car is large and tall – needed to haul all those people and their stuff around, so having a pod on top wasn’t going to work for us, plus you have to lean up against a dirty car to reach up into that pod to reach your equipment.  Not a good solution.  I came up with this idea for transporting all those skis up to the mountain.  I purchased an ordinary cargo transport that is attached to the bumper hitch.  My husband cut sections of large-sized plastic drainage pipe easily found at any hardware store.  He secured them tightly with nylon cord.  Now with each one of our racers occasionally hauling 2 to 3 pairs of skis around, they are easy to get at and easy to cart around.