Pillow Idea

My cousin bought an adorable outfit for my daughter when she was little, when she outgrew it I couldn’t bear to part with the cute little top.  I saved it for the longest time and one day decided to make it into a pillow.  Now, I have to admit, I can’t tutor you on how to sew.  I’m just not that patient.  But I am giving you this bit of inspiration, because I know all you parents out there very often have sentimental or adorable clothing items that you hate to part with (because lets be real, you can’t save everything!).  So, turn it into a pillow for their bedroom.  I chose fabrics that matched my daughters room and did a double ruffle.  This works for boys as well.  Try making a simple square with a wide flat edge, or even a ‘neck roll’ style with large buttons on each end.  Repurpose and recycle!