Creative uses for fabric remnants and leftover wallpaper

I’m sure that many of you have had a room wallpapered and inevitably were left with extra paper.  Then it is stored away for the “just in case” scenario, when you think it may be used if the wall is damaged, etc.  It rarely happens and there it sits on a shelf or in a drawer.  I say, put that paper to use.  Use it to cover the inside of an armoire or glass front cabinet.  I used it to paper this tray which came with a removable glass top much like a picture frame.  Or, cover old hardcover books to make a uniform display on a shelf.

When it comes to fabric – I have to control myself.  With so many beautiful patterns, I am instantly inspired when I visit fabric stores.  There is a fabric store near me that always has a terrific remnant bin.  I found the piece above in there and had it made into a pillow.  The back is a solid contrasting color.  I’ve also made remnants into table toppers or even runners.  It’s a great way to freshen up a space without completely committing to a certain pattern, and is a great way to change your look between seasons.