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Time to ourselves and family. Whether your fill your weekends with activities and soccer games or just use the time to relax and unwind, weekends are our time to savor. I will share with you occasional easy recipes and tidbits to add to your weekend experience. My husband loves to cook on the weekends and I have found this to be true with my friends as well. So, occasionally I will add my “dads cook” weekend recipe as well.


Under the stars……in a Tipi!

I had been pining for a tipi for years.  I found a company that I am pleased to give a free promotion here because I personally feel they are fabulous.  The Colorado Yurt Company provided all the tipis for both the movie, “Dances with Wolves” and “Last of the Mohicans”.  If you have seen either of these movies, the tipis are a thing of beauty!  The tipis are 100% as authentic as can be in this day and age.  Even the ‘pitching’ instructions are as Native Americans would have done back in the day.  Well my husband finally caved and we presented the kids (and selfishly, me) with a tipi for Christmas.  They come in a variety of sizes from small to very large.  Ours is around 24′ tall.   We had a floor built out of pressure treated lumber and have furnished it with log furniture, indoor/outdoor rugs and blankets.  It is truly magical to sleep in, especially with the flaps open looking up to the stars. The summer evenings and nights are here and the kids enjoy having campfires around the tipi, then retire into it for the night.  Did I say, Magical…….

Fruits of our labor……

84 jars!

Strawberry Time!

It’s that time again, driving along the back roads, the hand-written signs come out…”Strawberry Picking”! Such a fun activity.  Bring along the kids, you won’t believe how quickly you can fill up those containers with a helpful crew.  I like to get out early, before the sun starts to make the task arduous.  Fresh strawberries.  Cool underneath the leaves, the wonderful “pop” sound as they break free from the plant.  Then off to home, where I turn our bounty into jam.  The sweet aroma that fills the house.  And as always, with a helpful crew the task goes quickly.  What a great way to spend a Saturday!

Fondue Night

One of our favorite things to do on a weekend evening is have fondue.  I make this a special event by serving it in the family room on the coffee table.  We all sit on the floor in front of a blazing fire and enjoy dipping into a bubbling cheese fondue.  There are endless types of fondue and things to dip in them, but remember, I’m here to simplify things to make them more enjoyable! Naturally, you can make fondue from scratch, but I buy the packets readily available in the cheese department.  I like to put out a platter of cubed bagette, small boiled potatoes and very slightly steamed broccoli flowerettes.  Have small plates available to rest your forks on and to catch the drippings. Remember to dim the lights and enjoy the togetherness!

Autumn in Vermont

Almost sounds like a song doesn’t it?  Well actually it is – just that it’s “Autumn in New York”.  Just as good, but yes, I’m a little partial, I do love Vermont.  Each one of our great states is so unique unto itself with all of their individual charms and sights and wonderful things to offer.  This past weekend, we decided to take in the sights of New England and spend the Columbus Day weekend in Vermont.  Gorgeous scenery, fabulous country stores, absolutely charming inns and cozy restaurants.  Worth a visit from anywhere!