Ribbon Holder

Are you addicted to spools of ribbon like myself?  I just can’t help it, I can’t resist a bin full of ribbon on sale – like, really on sale!  I stock up for all those hostess gifts and holidays, etc.  Some are so pretty, I hate to use them – silly!  Nonetheless, the question arises, how to store them all.  Well of course there are always the trusty clear plastic bins, but I prefer having them out and handy.  Here is a project that can be done in a day or two.  Again, difficulty level – easy.  All the supplies can be purchased at any craft store.

You will need:

  • 1 wooden dowel (these usually come in one length – about 1 yard long) about 1/2″ diameter or smaller
  • 1 wooden ‘plaque’ of your choice – round, oval, square
  • 1 bag of wooden finials, to fit the diameter of your dowel
  • wood glue
  • paint

Cut the dowel down to two different lengths, say one about 12″ long the other 9″.  Discard the rest.  With a power drill fitted with a drill bit the same size as your dowel.  Drill two holes into your plaque about halfway through the wood.  Make sure they are spaced far enough apart to accomodate two spools of ribbon.  Glue the dowels into the holes.  You may have to prop them up against something to keep them straight and upright until they dry thoroughly.  When dry, you are ready to paint – your color of choice of course.  Don’t forget to paint the finials.  The finials are purely decorative, you can eliminate them if desired, but I think they add that finished touch.   Now you have your finished product, ribbon on hand and ready to tackle gift-giving season.