Old Father Time checked, so there’d be no doubt,
Called on the north wind to come on out,
Then cupped his hands, so proudly to shout,
“La-de-da, de-da-de-da, ’tis Autumn!”.

The trees say they’re tired, they bore too much fruit,
Charmed all the wayside, there’s no dispute,
Now shedding leaves, they don’t give a hoot!
La-de-da, de-da-de-dum, ’tis Autumn!

If you’ve ever heard Nat King Cole sing these lyrics from ‘Tis Autumn, I’m sure you’ll agree nothing else seems so captivating of the season.  Yes, October is here and autumn is certainly in full swing.  This is the month of clean-up, in the yard as well as in the home.  Time to put away and prepare for the busy seasons just lurking around the corner.  October is truly the time to marvel at the beauty of nature around us.  Watching as birds gather, preparing to leave for warmer climes, the scents, the sights, all on overload – a cacophany for the senses.  The last of the months in which to slow down and take it all in.  Unfortunately this season, favorited by so many, is fleeting, so I encourage you to take that time to yourselves.  Take a walk on a country road, visit the pumpkin patches or just have a seat out in the garden in the glow of the afternoon autumn sun, glass of wine in hand. Take a deep breath, savor.  This month I will be posting some of my most requested recipes, always with my infamous short-cuts.  Giving my tips on how to prepare a little in advance for the upcoming (I hate to say the word – sorry), holidays. Creating atmosphere around the house as well as some easy craft projects.  As always feel free to contact me, I love to hear from my readers.  Welcome to your October….