Decorate Cookies!

All kids love to bake and/or decorate cookies – yes, I have a boy and he’s usually all in as well – or at least until 2 or 3 of his cookies become huge disasters and he gets the usual critical abuse from his sisters! Regardless, truth be told, for kids – there really is nothing as fun as making cut-outs (or as messy!).  In this busy season, you’re probably thinking “who has time for cookies and especially after school?!”  I agree heartily, however, I also am a huge believer in memory making.  Here is how I handle it.  First of all, make the dough ahead of time when the kids are in school or even a day or two ahead, it has to chill anyway and you can make it in a ‘down’ moment.   Have the frosting colors pre-mixed and in separate bowls.  Set aside a section of counter and have it ready for rolling out the dough and such.  Just simple preparedness makes everything run smoothly.  Have fun!