The Jack-O-Lanterns and the witches have been put away.  The costumes have been stored for maybe another use – or donation.  The candy – well, the candy probably still lingers.  October is officially over and November is here.  Signaled by unbelieveably early holiday commercials!  Regardless, I have to admit, ‘early’ is the buzz-word for my holiday motto.  I am a firm believer in getting tasks taken care of before the onslought of official holiday craziness.  This way I truly enjoy the season and have time for last minute parties and entertaining.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.  November the forebearer of winter to come.  For sure the gardens have been put away and the last of the leaves has fallen.  This is a great month for putting away all things out-doors and truly moving inside.  There is a certain satisfaction in the feeling that all is in its place and now we can focus on the warmth of the indoors.  This month I will be sharing some of my entertaining tips, especially with Thanksgiving soon to come.  There will be more home-style recipes, a craft project or two and as usual advice on organizing and breathing some calm into the busy season ahead.  I always love to hear back from my readers and I am now on twitter and pinterest as well.  Enoy reading and enjoy November.