Baby Momentos in Shadow Boxes

When each of my children were born, I created a shadow box of small momentos.  Some of the cards and gifts, even some of the wrapping, was so sweet, I had to use them in the boxes. This is such an easy project. All you need is a shadow box, nowadays available at any craft store in many sizes and colors, a glue gun, silicone glue and of course, your momentos. I used the birth announcement and always a photo as them as a newborn at the hospital, the ID bracelet, etc. Arrange in a manor that is appealing to you first. After you are satisfied with your collection, then glue down.  The silicone glue will be able to give you some hight between things that lie flat naturally. Allow to drie thoroughly before placing another object over the underlying one.  Have fun with this one!  Here are some pictures of mine for inspiration.