Presenting snacks..

Here they come, running up the drive, undoubtably hungry!  I try to have healthy snacks around for my children when they come home from the end of the school day, but truth be known, that’s not always what they’re craving.  I like to welcome them from time to time with something warm and sweet from the oven, the smells, the welcome!  However, that is not always feasible with busy schedules and after school sports.  Don’t put the pressure on yourself, it’s fine to purchase those goodies.  Like anything, it’s all in the presentation.  I like to buy brownies cut them up and stack them high on a cake plate.  Who wouldn’t be able to resist.  Purchase a cake plate or even a commercial style stand such as you would see in classic American diners.  Anything presented on a cake stand is immediatly elevated (no pun intended) to irrisistableness.