Family Dinners

I think many people find that the end of the day can be chaotic.  Just coming home to a pile of mail, a dishwasher to be emptied and children needing help with this or that – never mind throwing in the occasional school “project”, there is alot to juggle.  The thought of a sit down family dinner at a ‘set’ table sometimes tends to take the back seat.  Personally, I have always felt that dinner is the most important meal, not necessarily nutrition-wise, but for family time.  Reconnecting after a day of adventures for everyone.  Here is a method I’ve always used to alleviate some of the ‘end of the day’ stress so as to enjoy dinnertime with family.  I always have the table set before the kids get home, or before I go off to do errands.  Yes, that means that it is sometimes already set early in the afternoon.  It’s just one less thing.  I try to prepare vegetables or anything else that can be done ahead.  Pull out pans I will be using and have them at the ready.  If I know I’ll be boiling pasta, I’ll even have water in the pot ready to just be turned on.   It’s essentially doing as much as you can beforehand.  It’s using your time efficiently. Also, you’ll help to reducing that overwhelming feeling of all the things that need your attention at the end of the day.