Inspired Christmas Table Settings

Not everyone has a multitude of dishes for every occasion, however with a change of accessories, glassware, chargers and colors you can create endless combinations.  The examples here show a change of theme with just a change of the accessories.

The above show pretty much the same dishes.  In the first, I’ve changed out the flatware for a woodland motif.  The others have some glamour appeal and the last is dressed down for a more casual and whimsical look, note the ‘snow globe’ ornament.  Using decorations at your dinner table adds interest and visual appeal.

Even though I have place card holders, sometimes I like to use gift tags adorned with stickers tied to napkins or a small ornament at each place setting.  The idea is to think beyond an items ‘designated’ use.  If it appeals to you, try to use it at the table.  Just be sure to coordinate colors and theme.  Have fun!