Our Christmas Tree - typically between 14 - 17' tall. 

Our Christmas Tree – typically between 14 – 17′ tall. 

Can anything set the “mood” quite like music?  When we hear those first few Christmas carols it can instantly make us feel ready for the season.  Somehow this year, all the holidays seem to be coming quicker than usual and now here we are into December, ready to celebrate all of our respective holidays and begin to reflect on the end of another year.  Time is fleeting and making the most of every moment feels even more important at this time of year, the season of family traditions and lifetime memory-making.  One of our traditions is to cut a Christmas tree on our property.  We cut it on Thanksgiving morning, bring it up to the house and set it up the day after Thanksgiving.  That weekend is devoted entirely to decorating the house and instantly we are into the Christmas season!  This month I will try to inspire you with decorating and entertaining ideas and ways to organize yourself so that the typical holiday pressures are lessened.  Whatever your traditions, may you enjoy the closeness of family and  enjoy the beauty of the season.  My wishes for a glorious holiday season to all.  Peace.