“Hope springs eternal..”

By now you’ve probably figured that we are a skiing family.  We are in deep, all my kids ski competitively and as crazy as weekends can be getting from this mountain to that, it’s safe to say that we all really enjoy the ski life.  For us, winter is as fast as summer and here in the northeast that can be relatively quick.  That being said, every now and then I like to slip away from the crowds and go snowshoeing.  I can’t say enough about this ‘sport’ (not sure it is one), but the benefits are multi-fold, exercise for the body and centering for the soul, plus a healthy dose of fresh air.  When I snowshoe alone, the sound of the crunch of the cleats on the snow keeps me company.  A rhythmic timing to my steady climb up the mountain.  The tranquil scenery and the quiet give me time to enjoy the peacefulness of the winter and get a little lost in my thoughts.  Winter truly is the only season where you can go outside and there is absolutely no yard work to be done – revel in that!  The days can be long and cold for sure, but take that time to be grateful for the slower pace, each day brings us one closer to spring.  It has never been known not to come.