Out on my walk this morning, I couldn’t help but notice the noisy clamor of the starlings.  They’re back and for me that is one of the true signs of the change of seasons.  They gather in large droves in the trees and happily whistle and chirp into a deafening crescendo then suddenly take off in a large black mass of fluttering wings for another location and start all over again. The spring ritual, finding a mate and settling down to raise a family, repeated in nature over and over again, as old as time itself!  Fresh starts and new beginnings.  April, the word alone feels sunny, and brings with it the promise of warmer weather and bulbs poking through the still moist, cool earth.  This is the month to prepare.  Prepare for the warm days ahead.  Time to pull out the to-do list, tackle the winter repairs and plan the spring projects.  Throw open the windows and let the spring air in, April is here.

ps – The story of my baby bunnies will be in the ‘garden’ section.