“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
Henry James

This little surprise ended up on the edge of my driveway a few years ago.  Instinctively he crouched low to the ground, waiting for me to pass so that he could meet up with his very anxious mother on the other side of the drive.  It took all of my will-power to not get out and pick this little fellow up and keep him forever!  But….of course, I knew better, and slowly drove away with a very large smile on my face.  A gift?  Yes, for certain.  Witnessing first hand the beauty of this season, re-birth, growth, the ebb and tide of the seasons.  June comes in full-throttle.  The light and airy new greens of May give way to the lush growth of everything in June.  All of nature is taking care of their new generations.  We all start to feel the excitement of summer upon us.  Children are getting eager to end the school year, already making their plans and wishes.  The grill is up and running, allowing for so many easy fresh meals.  The vegetable garden is in with the hopes for a fabulous harvest.  Yes, June is here and we couldn’t be more ready.  Welcome to your summer……………..