Lilly Pulitzer themed Golf League Luncheon

OK, let’s begin by saying, I’m not a great golfer, however, I do love the commradery and freindship of being on a league.  A year ago my golf partner and I won our annual member-member event (lets be clear – on handicap alone), which means you are the hosts for the next years event – who knew?!  So here I am trying to put a new twist on our annual Lily Pulitzer pink and green event.  Inspiration hit!  Flamingos!!  I created silk flower centerpieces adorned with garden flamingos.  All the ‘gifts’ were Palm Beach themed, soaps with glittery palm trees, tropical candles, even beach towels with flamingos on them.  We had garden flamingos put on the tee boxes for the “closest to the line’ and ‘longest drive’ holes, etc.  It was a smash.  Here are some pics from the event.  Remember, any occasion can be a chance to knock it out of the park.  Run with it!!