The destination cookout

A terrific weekend activity is packing up the family and all the goods and taking off for an adventure.  Our nations’s state parks are truly a national treasure.  Where we live there are an abundance of them, but you don’t need a state park to enjoy a picnic cook-out.  Many towns have destination picnic-ing areas.  Once there, pull out the snacks, set up your site and fire up the grill.  Go for a hike and take in the natural beauty.  Remember to pack foods that will travel well and are easy to serve. Have them in handy containers that double as serving dishes.  Sausages such as above, hamburgers and hot dogs are the typical fare.  Avoid salads with mayonnaise unless you can keep them cold.  Easy pasta salads and fresh grilled vegetables make terrific sides.  Mix up a batch of trail mix for the kids to snack on.  A great way to pack in some more summer fun!