Almost everyone has their own recipe for applesauce.  Mine is hardly a recipe at all, just easy instructions as to what I do to make it.  Regardless of what your recipe is, this tool is ingenious and makes peeling, slicing and coring apples super quick work. Look for the link below to order!

Anyway, we just peel, slice and core apples.  Place in a large heavy clad pot.  I like to add just a little water to get the steam process going.  Sugar is optional and depends on the sweetness of the apples.  You can always add sugar after if you feel the sauce is too tart.  I add a good amount of cinnamon.  Cook on low heat until the apples are bubbled down and very soft.  When cooked, use a potato masher or something similar to mix up the sauce.  I use an immersion blender and blend the sauce smooth.  This is completely optional since some people like thick clumpy applesauce and some like it smooth – like me.  Regardless, this is a great activity to let the kids get involved in since they love operating the peeler and mashing the apples and the results?  Instant gratification!