I usually post this party under under “Holidays and Celebrations”, but since this is such a big weekend production – I decided to share this years’ event under “Weekends”.  Each year my husband and a small group of his friends jar Hungarian Hot Peppers.  They chop the peppers into rings and create a fantastic brine in which they are “pickled”.  Last year they experimented with a new product, a pepper ‘butter’.  I find the term ‘butter’ a little misleading, since the product is really a thick sauce that can be used on everything!  It is absolutely delicious and all of our friends ask for a jar, secretly hoping for more than one!  So, this year they put more effort into the sauce than the rings.  Below are pictures from the two days.  This first day was the pepper rings which are done at our home.  The second day the sauce was prepared in a commercial kitchen.  I am offering to sell the jars if any of my readers are interested.  They are commercially sealed and completely shelf-stable.  Just contact me through the “contact me” heading and I can answer any questions and give details, etc.

Above are the peppers as we get them from the grower, and the finished products!

The pepper ‘butter’.  This sauce definately has a kick, but not intolerable.  It has a delicious smooth consistency and very flavorable.