December 2016

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As the song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year….” , and it truly is.  Something about playing those time and again traditional Christmas carols that instantly put the mood into the holiday.  I, like so many, have my traditions and one of them is to put up the Christmas tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving.  This process usually takes a couple of long days, but the result is worth it.  My motto has always been to get the “work” out of the holidays.  I get my shopping done before Thanksgiving, have the greeting cards printed and ready and put aside and then sit back and enjoy every minute of the beautiful season that is upon us.  So many of us are put off by the hustle and bustle, but I say it doesn’t have to be so. I have tips in my ‘entertaining’ section for making holiday dinners stress free.  A little advance planning goes a long way and I encourage you to try it out for yourself. Make all of December your holiday.  Live in the moment and remember to enjoy the magic of the season.  I wish you all a peaceful holiday season.