November 2016

The days here In the northeast have become markedly colder.  The trees are rapidly shedding their final leaves, and the squirrels are very busy scampering through the yards, burying their stashes here and there.  Winter is on it’s way.  November for me is a month of preparation for the holidays to come.  I am one of those who do all their shopping before Thanksgiving.  Not because I’m trying to beat everyone to the finish, definitely not.  I do it so that I can actually sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season.  I despise the retail pressure.  It seems as though as soon as Halloween is over the race is on for the Christmas season.  Unfortunate.  Personally my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  I love the whole day preparation of food, the company and the coziness.  It’s a wonderful holiday of gratefulness and togetherness.  Take time this month to plan ahead ways to make your holidays less stressful.  Enjoy the last of these autumn days, the snow will be falling soon enough!