February 2016

Groundhogs, valentines, presidents, and this year….voting caucuses!! Seems like a lot to pack into the shortest month of the year, but lets face it, we are a nation of achievers and do-ers.
We like action, celebration, busy-ness.  At this time of the year, much of the nation is still buried in a blanket of white, but make no mistake, that doesn’t mean we are indoors.  Those living in wintry climes tend to make the most of it – get outside and do all the “S’s”……ski, snowboard, skate, snowmobile, snowshoe, sled, slip, slide and yes, shovel!  Plenty to do for sure.  As evidenced by my ski room above – we too are very into getting out there……weekend warriors they call us, into living life fast and full.  This is the time of year I also seem to get itchy to have a decorating project.  In my travels (in stores or on the web), something invariably inspires me and I have to do it.  I think this year it will be my home office….hhmm.  I’ll keep you posted.  So before this month slips by, get out, get inspired and I’ll try my best to get you motivated as well.  Happy February!