Time to make plans

It’s only March, I know, but the air is tinged with that certain smell that tells spring is on it’s way.  Time to make plans for the garden.  Early spring is the best time to plant if you are replacing or planting any new shrubbery.  If the snow is gone and the ground is soft enough to dig, take advantage of that very early spring weather.  Very early spring is second best to fall for planting hardy plants.  If your starting seeds, now is the time.  In an earlier post I have included a chart of when to plant according to your zone.  Also, if your feeling ambitious to try to grow something new in the flower or vegetable garden, now is the time to visit your seed suppliers, since many varietals can be sold out early.  If you have over-wintered your geraniums, bring them up and place them in a sunny window.  Cut back any of the long-stringy growth to where there are small green ‘buds’.  Water and fertilize and they will start to flourish.