March 2016

If your anything like me, you probably felt like last week was the beginning of February, you blinked and now it’s March!  Somehow March comes creeping in from the sidelines and suddenly it’s here!  I’ve said it before I know, but I do feel like March is the beginning to the end.  The end of winters’ icy grip and shortened days.  Hope does spring eternal and I feel March brings that hope.  I have already composed my spring “to do” list for inside and out and made my plans for the garden, even though that is a solid month or so away.  My decorating projects taken on last month are almost done and that alone gives a fresh perspective, (look for updates in Décor).  As nature slowly awakens so too do our senses to a certain excitement of warmer and longer days ahead.  The maple sap has started to run, the days are gradually getting longer and the birds are changing their song.  March is here.