May 2016

I found this lovely little watercolor on Pinterest, (  I think it says all there needs to be said!  I think everyone can relate to opening the windows after a long winter.  The first wafting of fresh air through the house, the unavoidable first ‘SLAM!’ of one of the bedroom doors upstairs when a stiff breeze brazenly enters. Aaaahhhh, the smell, the feel, the joy, the warmth.  Driving along a beautiful stretch of road one day, I saw a car pulled over, the trunk was open and spread out wide were all the necessities for a day of plein air painting.  An elderly man sat on a make-shift stool, wearing a slouchy hat and a large shirt over a t-shirt, sleeves sloppily rolled-up.  Easel before him, he sat quietly painting the beautiful view of the valley and farms below.  I thought to myself, in our hurry up world, what a great way to just toss aside the chores and sieze the day.  I encourage you in this beautiful season, when the earth re-awakens to try to grab a moment, hour, day to yourself.  Take in the view.  Open the windows.