June 2016

As a parent, I think we tend to start and end our calendars with the school year.  I’ve mentioned this before with my September posts.  This year I am experiencing my first high school graduate and I have to admit, I know I’m sentimental, but I was not ready for the onslaught of such emotion.  Seeing many of the children I’ve known since Pre-K, grown up and moving on in their lives has caught me reminiscing for weeks!  Hearing the echoed cliché in my head, “they grow up quickly”, cannot possibly ring more true.  It wasn’t quickly, it was more like lightning speed!  At one point we are buried in diapers, strollers, lunch boxes and play-dates, and the next moment we are out on college visits.  It truly happens that quickly.  I would have never believed it, but with 4 children, I’m living it!!  June has never before been so bittersweet.  At once an end and a beginning.  Congratulations graduates, your time has come.  Carpe Diem!