The garden is in!

After a testy May, now that it is June, the vegetable garden has been planted.  Here in the Northeast the rule is to generally wait until after Memorial Day.  Sometimes I get a little itchy and want to get a jump on the planting and can usually get away with it.  However, this year we had some real cold snaps and Memorial Day was truly the indicator that the threat of frost would be over.   As I’ve mentioned before, I just have a small kitchen potager, so in went tomatoes of many varieties, beets and some beans.  I’ve also planted various flowers throughout the gardens.  Geraniums, Impatiens, Zinnia’s, etc.  I have come to love Zinnias for their variety of heights, various blooms, and hardiness.  They produce the entire summer and don’t seem to mind hot, dry spells.  Plus their color is vibrant and add real interest.