A rooster in the hen house!

Unfortunately this summer, I lost one of my sweet hens to, I believe, a hawk.  After scouring the area for days, I had to face the fact that my little hen was gone.  Last year they free-ranged happily without much danger.  Now I was terrified to let them out without supervision.  I hated to keep them penned up all day, despite their new home with the ‘run’.  They so enjoy pecking around in the lawn, and yes, the gardens.  So I looked to the web for advise and many suggested a rooster, for various reasons.  First they are larger and therefore present a bit more of a challenge to predators who may think twice.  Secondly, they are protective of their brood and tend to watch for signs of danger and kluk quite loudly when alarmed which in turns alarms the girls.  Well I was willing to try and found a handsome boy up the road that needed a home.  I am still gun-shy as to letting them out completely on their own, and usually make sure they are checked on frequently.