September 2016

September…..on my calendar, always the one that really marks the beginning of the year.  The weather has predictably hinted of cooler temperatures and the days are markedly shorter.  For me personally, this year is poignant.  My eldest child is out in Utah for her first year of college (we live in the northeast), pretty far for most parents.  However, I’ve had three years ‘training’, so to speak, since she has been away at ski academy chasing her ultimate goal of the US national team in her discipline.  Still, the melancholy settles in as I muse over the fact that she is now truly onto her next chapter…….as are so many of my friends.  Undoubtedly the next stage of life.  Nonetheless the beginning of many more experiences to be had.  Regardless, September is always sentimental.  I so remember that first school bus ride.  Like any typical parent, we recorded it all, and in succession, each child as they, and we, experienced the same.  The sentimentality of the moment never lost.   Life is truly a journey of experience and emotion, the essence of life.  The result of what carves away to our completeness.  Hold on and live the ride.  The results, whatever they may be, heartbreak, joy, love, happiness, will create your ultimate bliss.