January 2017

Aaaahhhh, January.  The serene stillness, much like the picture of the abandoned sleigh above, a reminder of the joyous festivities just past.  January is a great month for taking stock.  Fresh starts and promises for the coming year. The word “resolution”, comes with so much pressure, almost a set-up for failure.  Instead  make this the month you choose to do something just for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a year-long commitment.  Just something that will enhance your happiness.  Refresh a room in your home.  Tackle some challenging recipes.  Try writing (a forgotten art!), or even painting, take a walk on a quietly snowy morning – without ear buds!  You’ll be amazed at how something simple and/or creative can affect your well-being.  Your inner joy will be evident to your family and those around you as well.  Embrace the calmness of January.