November 2017

I found this little image and quote on Pinterest.  As I sit and write my November post, the weather outside is terribly dreary.  Wet, foggy and cold.  What I consider perfect weather to stay inside and deal with projects, catch up on correspondence and yes, to stop and be grateful.  At this time of year, many start to feel the familiar pressure of the holidays creeping up.  That, coupled with our many other daily obligations, can really push the stress button.  Everyone that knows me well, knows that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s such a wonderful holiday – a day put aside just to be grateful for all our blessings, family, friends, etc.  But who’s to say we can’t be that way more often.  Hence, the little quote above.  Steal a little quiet time to yourself, enjoy fully the change of the seasons.  Reminisce or look forward, a year ending, a new one not too far off.  Have a wonderful November and Thanksgiving!