February 2017

I captured this picture while out for my early morning walk.  The sun just seemed somewhat different, a little brighter against the crisp blue sky.  I recognized that light – the indicator of the sun getting just a little warmer, the days just a little longer.  Just barely perceptible changes, but enough to notice regardless.  Yes, winter is definitely still here and having a strong hold on us all, but somehow February just seems that much closer to the warmer days ahead.  I like to take care of projects and business inside the house this time of year.  Organize pictures into albums, clean out files, etc.  Things that always need to be done, but somehow never get that attention once the spring is here.  An acquaintance of mine was scanning the seed catalogs, planning what was going to be new to the garden this summer.  Yes, February is that month that puts us just a little closer to the end of winter.