May 2017

My mothers’ gorgeous wisteria

It seems we always associate the month of May with flowers.  May day, Mother’s Day, all celebrated with beautiful fresh blossoms.  Regardless of what the calendar says, May can still bring with it several cold and rainy days and we certainly are having our fair share.  But as with anything, ‘hope springs eternal’ and with it comes the certainty that by the end of the month there will be plenty of blooms.  From fruit trees, bulbs and flowering bushes, nature will be ablaze with color.  I’ve been to my favorite haunts already procuring hanging baskets and other flowers to fill my pots and gardens, even though I’ve had to put them in a safe corner to protect from the occasional threat of frost!  I’ll be buying vegetable plants for the kitchen potager as well pretty soon, but will wait to put them in the ground until very late May.  Time to start dreaming of warm summer days around the corner.  Until then, enjoy the beauty of spring!