June 2017

The birds around my home don’t waste any time preparing to raise their families!  I’ve already seen one robin build her nest, lay her eggs, raise her brood of 3 and watched them all tentatively leave the nest – success!  I found this little nest just the other day.  I’ve been watching a tiny chipping sparrow nesting for a few weeks, then one day there they were, 3 barely 1 day old little ones.  Yes, I know the picture is a little fuzzy and it’s difficult to make out who’s in there, but mom was not happy at me hanging around for pictures.  June is here, the days are longer and thank goodness, because there are always those “getting ready for summer” chores to take care of. I like to really muscle through the “to-do’s” so that I don’t have projects hanging over me all summer.  Time to get the garden planted if you haven’t done so already, clean off the patio furniture and fire up the grill.  Enjoy the beauty of the season and the warmer days.