Learn to paint….or just have fun trying!

“Before the Storm”. The Sodus Point lighthouse.

My father was an extremely talented artist.  He had always painted recreationally, but it wasn’t until after he retired that he really committed to it as his passion.  Painting is something anyone can do.  You don’t necessarily have to be super talented, it is purely an expression of your own personality.  How you interpret what you see or feel is entirely up to you.  An added benefit is that it can be very relaxing.  Whether you paint quietly in a corner in your home or au plein air (outside), it is a way to really ground yourself and live in the moment.  If your not sure where to start, I am sure that there are classes being taught through your local library, college, hobby center or even by local artists.  I highly encourage giving it a try, who knows, you may have a talent you were unaware of before!