Drying Herbs

Growing herbs is such a simple and satisfying garden addition.  Most grow easily in containers and it is always nice to be able to just snip them fresh to add to summer cooking.  However, many are also perennials and have to be replanted each year.  As summer draws to a close, my herbs are usually lush and full.  It seems a waste to let them fade away in the cold.  This year I tried my hand at drying them.  Just cut bunches and tie with string or twist ties.  Tie tightly as they will shrink as they dry.  Don’t make the bunches too large, they need air to circulate to dry evenly.  Hang them in a dry place.  You can cover them loosely with plastic to keep dust off, but do not close them up in the bag.  In a few weeks you should have nicely dried bunches.

I snipped the dried leaves onto a plate and put them in this handy little fresh herb grinder.  Now I can enjoy that fresh herb taste beyond the growing season.