The beautiful cut-glass bottles from 4711

You may already be familiar with the famous company 4711 from Cologne, Germany, known for the familiar bottle with the blue and gold label – Kohlneswasser (I hope I spelled that right!).  A true eau de toilette, the fragrance is so fresh, it defies description.  I have been a fan since a child as my grandmother and mother used it.  I’m not a fan of heavy fragrances, so this hit all the marks for me. You can literally douse yourself in it and it remains light and breezy.  Naturally my curiosity was stirred when I found these new combinations.  I ordered them as a test and they truly stood up to my expectations.  With summer around the corner, citrus-y blends seem so natural and these combinations are lovely.  Let me first start with the packaging, (see below). I am a pushover for beautiful packaging and these are in boxes so pretty, I hated to open them.  Just so elegant, just like the bottle inside. 

The fragrances are, Lime & Nutmeg, Lemon & Ginger and Pepper Berry and Grapefruit.  The Lime & Nutmeg was the only one that seemed a bit ‘stronger’ I think due to the nutmeg. Still light but with a little longer of a note – great for a summer evening. 

Bottom line – I am singing their praises.  All these are available on The Hive Shop should you be interested.