Super Spring-y Tablescape


How colorful and beautiful is this table!?  From a fellow blogger, I love the use of different textures and colors and heights.  I always stress using various heights for more visual impact.  I’m loving the small details like the greek key patterned table runners used as place mats mixed with bamboo flatware and the use of real lemons to carry the yellow color throughout.  Great Inspiration!  Find the bamboo flatware on The Hive Shop.

Moss Easter Eggs

I love these moss covered eggs.  I found them on pinterest and I wish I could give someone credit, but there was none.  Regardless, these would make a great spring or Easter display.  Start with styrofoam egg shapes, hot melt glue pieces of moss (easily purchased in any craft store) onto the eggs and press lightly being careful with the hot glue.  When covered, wrap in twine and glue on small flowers.  These could also be wrapped with ribbon or raffia to match your presentation and décor. 

Turn a cabbage into a floral arrangement for Easter!

How clever is this idea from a fellow blogger,  “Home is where the Boat is”

I’ve done the ‘pumpkin as a vase’ before, but never thought of using a cabbage.  I think this is a great idea and really quite simple.  Cut a hole in the cabbage large enough to hold a vase or container in which to put your flowers.  I would suggest cutting the hole on the smaller side first, then shave away until your container will fit firmly.  It doesn’t have to be completely contained in the cabbage either. If your floral arrangement will drape slightly over the edge if will cover the container.  Remember to cut a slice off the bottom so that your cabbage will sit evenly, and place on a plate or platter.


Cut-Out Sugar Cookies that look like Mittens!

I have to admit, my daughters are wonderful bakers and they really embrace the creative aspect of it!  Here are some simple cut out cookies made to look like plaid mittens.  As I have said many times before, presentation is everything.  Decorated cut outs can be difficult to arrange as the frosting typically smudges or smears.  I like to let them dry a bit (a few hours or so) before artfully arranging, slightly overlapping.  Enjoy!

*The recipe for these cookies is in the “From the Kitchen” section.  See “My Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe”


Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas


Here are some table setting ideas using dishes in different settings, colors, etc.  Some are a bit more formal, others more casual.  I like mixing different patterns and colors for visual appeal.  I use some elements from nature as well.  The oak leaves are fresh.  They are great to work with since they stay vibrant for days!  Below are some links for similar dishes and items that I have used here.

Nautical Themed Table Setting

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For a dinner at the lake house, I pulled out my fun nautically inspired dishes.  These actually came from my parents’ boat a number of years ago.  Mixed with the red, white and blue colors, they really pop.  I added silver shells and other seaside inspired accessories to add to the “beachy” feel.  I personally picked the items below to create a similar look.  Especially love the square nautical flag appetizer plates!

Mad Hatter Themed Luncheon

I recently helped a friend with a ladies golf tournament luncheon.  Our theme was Alice in Wonderland, but I opted for the Mad Hatter Tea Party for the lunch centerpieces, since I felt it could be more fun and colorful.  Here are some pictures of how the centerpieces looked – for your inspiration.


See “Create” on how these centerpieces were made.

The Fourth of July!


America’s Celebration!  Who doesn’t love the 4th – an annual day for cookouts, picnics, family reunions and just plain homespun fun.  Here are some pictures from our cookout at the lake.  It turned out to be a sweltering day, but just eating outside at dusk takes the heat of the day away and just makes everything enjoyable.  I combined two picnic tables end to end.  I love using a paper “runner”, but unfortunately ran out!  These are a fantastic product, so fun and more up to date than the traditional plastic of days past.  I used my cloth seafood motif tablecloths and just built on the red, white and blue.  I collect vintage lobsters and scattered them about.  I placed the utensils and plates attractively in a picnic basket for folks to help themselves.

My menu suggestions:

Our tradition is usually to grill spareribs to “fall off the bone” perfection.  However the extreme heat made my husband (head griller) decide to opt for something that wouldn’t require basking over a hot grill.

Grilled strip steaks – cut in half (not everyone always wants a full one!)

Dill potato salad – recipe on blog

Bean salad – recipe on blog

Corn on the cob

Caprese tomato salad – recipe on blog

Brownies ala mode and s’mores

For links to some of the products seen here and similar – please click on the post title.

Graduation Party Ideas


As I have mentioned in my post from June 2016, I am experiencing my first graduate.  I left it up to my daughter whether or not she wanted a party – and in true teenage fashion, she waffled a bit, but then decided to do a joint party with one of her good friends.  We put it together rather quickly and naturally, I decided to share some of our ideas here.  It wasn’t excessive, but I did want to make it personal and reflect both the girls’ personalities.  It turned out to be just perfect.  See photos below.


Like most graduates, the girls made their own poster board with favorite pictures, etc.  Since they are from two different schools, we integrated their colors of purple, gold and green.  Our theme was ‘picnic-y’ so as not to feel too stuffy and our food reflected that with grilled chicken, ribs, salads, baked beans and corn bread – easy teenage friendly food.   We had a candy bar set up with custom M&M’s for the two different schools and graduating year.  Centerpieces were simple candle holders wrapped in school color ribbons.

Since at grad parties the kids come and go, it would be too difficult to serve a cake, so I made cupcakes frosted with the schools’ respective colors.  I presented them on this cupcake stand made with flower pots and fiberboard rounds.  I encircled them with ribbon and placed doilies on top.  Simple and such impact!