Drying Herbs

Freshly clipped herbs from the potager

I was recently inspired by one of my Instagram followers to dry my fresh herbs.  I always had an abundant harvest but was sad to see it all die and fade away during the winter months. Truth is, I had never thought about drying them! So this is what I did.  I clipped several large quantities of my different herbs that I wanted throughout the winter. One of my favorites is Winter Savory, a not too common herb that you would not find in the spice aisles. It is a cross between Rosemary and Thyme I would say.  Anyway, I placed each different type in paper bags and closed them up tightly.  I put them in a dry, dark area (a closet would work just fine) and waited a few weeks.  When they were completely dry I just crunched them up between my hands. Most of the hard stems simply separated, and I discarded them. The sage I separated from the stems before I crunched them up.  Then I put into small containers to enjoy in the winter months!  I’ve had such success, I’m considering finding small glass jars such as a Weck brand and making my own herb blends to give as gifts. So easy, I’d say give it a try!


How I used a Kilim as a Window Treatment

Since I live in a fairly private setting, there is little need to cover my windows for privacy. So to add some softness to this rustic style room, I opted for the graphic patterns and textures of traditional kilim rugs.

I used a simple metal rod and circular drapery hardware with clips attached. I clipped the kilim evenly spaced and once it was hung, adjusted as needed to keep the “flow” even. Since my window is wide, I needed two kilims to cover the width with all the folds. The picture on the left shows how I ‘married’ the two ends together. I clipped them relatively tightly together then added the large button and leather strips as a decorative feature. I repeated this at each end as well for a uniform look.

My Foyer Project. Introducing Major Color!

My front entry doesn’t have any windows and I felt like the colors that were there before were starting to look a little dark and dated.  My tastes seem to be changing and I felt the need for more color.  So a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant teal was my choice, driven mainly by the fabric I had chosen to re-cover my settee in.  I already had everything on the wall with the mirror, I just needed to change out the accessories.  I’m pleased with the results and the antique gold mirror that came from my in-laws home really pops now. Having the brightly colored walls takes away from things getting too stuffy.  Plus, I’ve always loved chinoisserie, but in this color palette it feels more light-hearted and contemporary. 

Beautiful Rustic Bathroom


I love everything about this rustic inspired bathroom.  We used salvaged beams for a wine cellar, but I think this use as a counter is genius!  Even the notched out area used for a towel is so clever. Keeping all the other elements simple here really allows that stone wall and counter to shine.  Just beautiful!

Great use of color in a Kitchen

Image from Pinterest

This kitchen shows great use of colors and textures.  The various shades of green, which are warm and welcoming take away from what would otherwise be monotone if only one shade were used.  Also, the use of various textures, wood counters, soapstone, natural wood under the sink and beams create a rustic yet very put together feeling.  The attention to detail, like the trim around the windows, the paneled wall behind the stove and the furniture like ‘feet’ on the cabinets make this a unique and beautiful space!

Tulips to Carrots?! A Great Idea for Front Door Spring Decor

I saw this on Pinterest and just had to share!  Such a clever idea and alternative to the traditional wreath.

This is just so creative.  Silk tulips are in abundance in spring in most craft stores.  I would probably suggest buying the ‘bunch’ variety and a few singles for length to make it more economical.  I will definitely be making this for myself, maybe mixing up with a different bow or such.  I will post my results when I am able as I am still house-bound in recovery from my accident.  Have you tried this?  I’d love to see your results!

Dining Room Tablescape for the “off seasons”

Who isn’t attracted to the timeless appeal of blue and white porcelain?  I like to mix up my dining room tablescapes with the seasons.  This is such a classic and traditional look.  Ginger jars lend themselves to so many purposes, alone or grouped together, they can add so much to a tablescape or arrangement.  Check out my Instagram Amazon shop for some ginger jars I have curated just for my readers!

Small Wall Corbel/Shelves

I found these shell style shelf brackets awhile back and decided to use them in my daughters’ room.  Things don’t necessarily have to be side by side for impact.  These are on two different walls and are small focal points

Look below for my amazon picks for very similar items available now!

Have a stairway landing? Create a cozy nook!

This is one of my favorite places to sit and flip through a magazine or book.  Just an upstairs opening that overlooks the living room, a space that could otherwise be not very inviting.  I hung a single panel of thick lush window treatment to the side of this upstairs opening to the lower level just to help define the space.  A comfortable chair and accessories that compliment the colorful pallet come together to create a nice space to rest in an otherwise unassuming hallway.