Drying Herbs

Freshly clipped herbs from the potager

I was recently inspired by one of my Instagram followers to dry my fresh herbs.  I always had an abundant harvest but was sad to see it all die and fade away during the winter months. Truth is, I had never thought about drying them! So this is what I did.  I clipped several large quantities of my different herbs that I wanted throughout the winter. One of my favorites is Winter Savory, a not too common herb that you would not find in the spice aisles. It is a cross between Rosemary and Thyme I would say.  Anyway, I placed each different type in paper bags and closed them up tightly.  I put them in a dry, dark area (a closet would work just fine) and waited a few weeks.  When they were completely dry I just crunched them up between my hands. Most of the hard stems simply separated, and I discarded them. The sage I separated from the stems before I crunched them up.  Then I put into small containers to enjoy in the winter months!  I’ve had such success, I’m considering finding small glass jars such as a Weck brand and making my own herb blends to give as gifts. So easy, I’d say give it a try!