May 2019

Welcome to May! As I write this, a bird is singing persistently outside. I know it is trying to attract it’s mate and start the endless life cycle. Nature at its’ finest.  I love all the seasons, but something about those early mornings (if you’re a morning person, I suppose), the exuberant bird song and smell of the earth re-awakening makes me stop and take a deep breath and marvel at the yearly re-birth.  It also makes me want to slow down time a bit. Take it all in. Spring, like Autumn, can be so fleeting.  Blossom, so eagerly awaited, gone so quickly, yet always so appreciated.  Life goes swiftly, I find myself saying this more and more often.  Seems so cliché, but facts cannot be denied. My injury has forced me to slow down, and in some strange way, I am learning to embrace it. I am typically an over motivated personality – type A, but learning to accept what was dealt my way  is another life re-set (again!! I’ve had several).  And on we go, like the little bird singing outside my window, persistence and acceptance prevail.  So, like myself, try to slow down here and there.  Enjoy the simple beauty of a quiet moment, the rustle of the just emerged leaves in a gentle breeze and the simple song of a little bird.

April 2019

Well it’s finally here – April.  Something about just saying April seems to usher in a feeling of warm breezes and fresh beginings.  Here in the east it is not unusual to get the odd chance of snow, but it’s tolerable knowing it is just temporary.  April is when I start putting together and tackling the spring to-do list and I’ve got a few new projects I’m adding this year.  I’m adding a cutting garden and also hoping to build a new larger outdoor pen for my egg-laying, feathered pals.  As far as Blog News – I’ve cleaned up a few posts and changed the Home page for more instant updates.  Most exciting, I’ve opened an Amazon Store on my Instagram account with items I’ve personally curated for my readers and followers.  We are still trying to solve the ‘clickable link in bio’ issue with Instagram, unfortunately this is a problem on their end!  It can be ‘cut and paste’, if need be. So, here’s to the new month and season.  Get out there and spread the beauty!

March 2019

This will be a fond memory until next season!

Well February certainly was a whirlwind for myself.  Between school breaks, lots of great skiing (since I was able to slip away for a trip to Utah), and working on new projects, the month truly has flown by.  Unfortunately, it didn’t end in a very positive way as I broke my leg in a ski accident on the last weekend of the month on my home mountain.  The skis will have to be put away for the season as I focus on recovery.  As I mentioned, I am working on new projects with my blog.  I am ever working on making a more user friendly version for Android and Smart Phone users.  I am also trying to find the best way to provide my readers with links to products I use and recommend – please give me your feedback!  I am also determining which topics my readers want more of – again, feedback is always welcome.  My blog is set up as a book of ideas and recipes and how-to’s.  I will add to those as needed.  However, my home page will have more current posts and thoughts and ideas for the “right now” user.  Please bear with me as I slide into these changes and also, please be sure to subscribe for any special promotions I may be presenting in the future.  In the interim, I wish you all a beautiful March!

February 2019

Welcome to February!  Many of us are experiencing a very wintry start to the month much like the image above, which was my yard not too long ago.  Winter can be tough and seem long, but it can also be beautiful and fun.  I always encourage getting outside.  The cold, fresh air can be invigorating and a real pick-me-up way to start the day. February allows me to pull out the Valentines Day décor which I always find pretty and cheerful.  Look at an inspired Valentine’s place setting under “Entertain”, plus links on how to create a similar look. This month I’m adding new features to the blog in an effort to enhance my readers experience.  I’ve added an email sign up, so please do!  I promise to not inundate your inbox with needless information.  Just occasional updates or special offers.  As usual don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding how-to’s, products, or anything!  So, don’t let excessive snow deter you – get outside and enjoy February!

Look for this cut-out recipe for your Valentines fun.

January 2019

The whirlwind of the holiday season is officially behind us.  A time for a little nostalgia perhaps?  I like to reflect back on all the festivities, family and friends entertained and visited, memories made.  Such a wonderful and full time of year.  Then, in slips quiet January.  Personally, (I have mentioned this before) I don’t like the pressure of “New Years” resolutions.  Instead, I like to think of things I may want to accomplish sometime along the way, perhaps sign up for that cooking class I’ve often thought about.  If it happens, great! If not, no worries, I’ll attempt it another time.  I am a firm believer that everything happens in it’s appropriate time.  We just have to be open to the challenges and opportunities that come our way.  This January marks the one year mark that my blog was officially web-optimized and it has been a learning and growing process all along the way.  It was a challenge and one I welcomed.  I hope you are enjoying it.  Each new year opens new opportunity for personal growth.  Make this your year and make every day great!  Happy New Year to you all.

December 2018

Ahh, December, the month of so many holidays, traditions, festivities and celebrations.  When else do we set aside almost a full month for decorating, shopping and preparation? For many it can truly feel overwhelming at times. I say, turn down the noise.  December can be such a beautiful month, a month of reflection.  Each day getting closer to the end of the calendar year.  Thanksgiving may be behind us, but I suggest taking some time out of each day to be grateful for someone or something that has brought joy into your life.  Enter December with a calm determination to enjoy every day.  If you are hosting any holiday fetes, remember to read my tips for ease of entertaining and try some of my tried and true recipes!  I wish you all a beautiful and peaceful holiday season.

November 2018

Its hard to believe that we are already into the last two months of the year.  With Halloween just behind us, for me it feels like the unofficial start to the holiday season, that is, all the celebrations between now and New Years.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  I love planning the menu, the prepping, the cooking, and having friends and family over to share a lovely meal.  It really is such a beautiful holiday, celebrating thankfulness and gratitude – with no gifts! November also slips us into the quieter season of winter.  We spend more time indoors creating a warm and cozy home as the weather outside becomes colder and days shorter.  I have added some more of my favorite recipes – try the Cream of Roasted Cauliflower Soup, a great warm up at the end of the day.  Also, look for my tips on making Thanksgiving stress free as well as some menu suggestions.  And remember, I always advocate getting that holiday shopping done early.  Click on any of the links to bring you to Amazon and look for some special promotions I will be uploading soon.  As always, feel free to reach out to me.

October 2018

Bittersweet. I guess a good term to describe this month. I find people fall (no pun intended), into one of two categories with Autumn, they either love it or maybe, not so much.  Like the bittersweet vine pictured above, some plants come into their full beauty in the fall.  This humble vine goes pretty much undetected all summer until the leaves drop and these beautiful colors appear.  I have often said that I feel like New Years should be September.  Children go off to school/college – new grade, new school perhaps, fresh start.  So too each year as parents we re-define ourselves whether we realize it or not.  Adjusting to the new schedule, the one less plate at the dinner table, etc.  We can use this opportunity to come into our own.  Maybe a little more focus on ‘mom’.  Pick up a new project, make a vow to take more walks.  What ever you need to re-set your compass just a little, fall is the perfect time to let your beautiful colors show!  I’ve added several new recipes, especially some delicious apple desserts.  Look for this Dutch Apple Pie recipe, super easy, I promise you!!  And as always try hitting some of the great promos being offered by Amazon on my site, I often show product links that offer the same or similar products that I use!

September 2018

And once again, it is September.  The other day I stood and watched the day slowly disappear.  That subtle transition from day into night.  I noticed how the sun sets in a different location now and much earlier as well, the quiet in nature with just the sound of crickets singing their evening song.  These are the days of gathering and planning for the turn, once again, from warmth to cold, shortened days and crisp autumn air.  I anticipate putting the summer décor away and pulling out the pumpkins.  Time for apple picking and making all kinds of kitchen creations with them!  The sweet scents wafting through the house.  Saying good bye to summer is certainly bittersweet in so many ways, but embracing Autumn and all its colorful glory is exciting and rewarding!

A reflection for my son….

We just dropped off our son for college the other day.  Even though he is not the first to graduate, the emotions are just as predictable.  Regardless, I am feeling extra melancholy.  Why is this so tough for me?  The answer should be obvious.  My beautiful boy was born with congenital heart disease.  After 3 surgeries before he turned 3, he grew into a strong and busy “all boy” who loved long cargo shorts, dirty flip-flops and t-shirts over what he called “handsome clothes”. Fast forward 18 years to the present day young man who can be charmingly sweet and typically teenage moody.  I am so proud of all that he has become…….

So my dear William, I want to send you off with some sage advice.  You know I had always believed in making every day your best, set the table for dinner, use your ‘pleases’ and ‘thank you’s’ abundantly, dress properly before you leave the house, etc.  It was all about setting your standards and self discipline.  You have the power to make your choices and those choices can be life-changing.  Life isn’t about having dreams, it’s about creating them.  I had always known family was what I wanted and I was going to be the best mom and wife I knew how to be.  Life obviously threw me some curveballs but I have gotten stronger, more sympathetic, more patient and more tolerant than I’d ever thought I could be because of them.  So learn and grow from adversity that comes your way – it already has and is bound to again.  Your family will be your roots to support you as you grow in your journey and never loose your curiosity and your humor.

I’ve grown and learned so much from my children.  We like to think that we teach them, when in reality they teach us. Yes, raising children is the hardest job out there, but I’d give a kings ransom to start all over again. So as I watch you, my dear son, cross the stage, gather up your diploma and move on into the next exciting faze of your life, through blurred, teary eyes, I will silently wish for the days when I tucked you in at night in your little zip up sleeper and simultaneously look forward to all that awaits you in the future.

Love, forever,